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Many have asked about the Header image above, which I named 'Eerie Genny'. It was originally shot with film [taken on the shore of the Genesee River near the Univ. of Rochester]. During the darkroom development, I flashed a light above the tray. The process, known as 'solarization', produces eerie, ghostlike effects; some have mistaken this image as an infra-red photo. Some 35+ years later, I scanned and digitized the print, and did a little modern day editing, and, voila.
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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Aruba Skies 2018-19 [Sky Watch Friday]

Today’s posting is a far cry from the series of 15 I finished posting last week of our riverboat cruise up the Rhein, Main and Donau rivers. Although water is involved below, it is the Caribbean and we were at a fixed location on the island of Aruba. Rosemarie and I have enjoyed winter vacations there almost every year since 1991; and I have posted images many times over the last 7-8 years. However, I always find something new and interesting that I wish to share. This year was special in that we invited family along for the first week; viz. 4 grand-kids, 2 daughters and 1 son-in-law. The first four cell phone images below were by my 14-year old grandson, Gavi, who proved to have a good eye. I hope he gets interested in doing more photography.

The above shots were taken on Eagle Beach, perhaps the best beach on the island, and one that has gained international recognition. My images below were also shot with a cell phone on said beach.

The last shot below was taken on the second floor of the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Oranjestad, where we happened to go for lunch. The pool water is so high that it is at the same level as the surrounding deck, which I found fascinating; and there is a marvelous view into the harbor where you see docked one of the cruise ships that includes Aruba on its itinerary.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Grand Circle River Tour 15: Vienna [Sky Watch Friday]

A short ride from the hotel began our last day of the tour, to be spent in Vienna [Wien]. While Rosemarie and I were there last year on our own [prior to a Road Scholar tour of Budapest and Prague], much of what we saw this time turned out to be different. This is not surprising since there is so much to see in Vienna.
We begin this year’s visit with a visit to the baroque Belvedere Palace, actually a complex of two palaces and a museum set within a beautiful park landscape.

The museum contains the largest collection of paintings by Gustav Klimt, some of which are also in Wien’s Leopold Museum [see my 2017 posting]. One of Klimt’s most famous paintings is The Kiss, which explains its display on the side of a delivery truck parked at the Palace. My wife does not look impressed….

After departing the palace, we took a bus tour through the city and then stopped off at a central location. We had some free time to lunch [a street Bratwurst on a hard roll] and walk about in an area near St. Stephan’s Dom.

Some of the exterior figures were particularly interesting to me. The Romanesque reliefs caught my eye, as well as a representation of the Beschneidung Christi [Circumcision of Christ], which is actually a day of celebration in Germany and Austria.

 Here our sightseeing/picture taking concludes. At night we celebrated a farewell dinner at our hotel, an early morning wake-up and transfer to the airport. Grand Circle Tours really delivered on its promises, especially when nature didn't cooperate by having too low water levels for our ship to sail. I want to say thanks to those of you who have followed this adventure over the last 15 postings. I hope you enjoyed/learned something from them.
Unfortunately, Google+ has informed me that they are going to remove all my blog postings by April 2 [all previous Comments have already been expunged]. I think other bloggers using Google+ will have the same fate. Hopefully, I will find a way to get my posts back up without them....

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Grand Circle River Tour 14: Melk Abbey [Sky Watch Friday]

As I noted in last week’s posting, our ship was not able to risk sailing further on the  Danube [Donau] due to the low water level. So, while we again went by bus to our next destination, the 900 year old baroque Abbey of Melk in Austria, our luggage was transported to a hotel just outside of Vienna [Wien], where we would stay the remaining two nights of our trip.
The Abbey became a Benedictine monastery in 1089 and a center for medieval scholarship. Its library contains more than 70,000 books and 2,000 manuscripts. The other rooms were breathtakingly ornate, so much so that I thought it ‘obscene’. Photography was strictly verboten, so I cannot document the interior, but I have several shots of the surrounding area.